Friday, January 27, 2012

Bianna Leigh

Brianna and her bumbo - she loves sitting up like a "big girl" - Kaileigh loves it too!

Girl's got a great smile - and she shows it often!

Just like her sister!

Kaileigh giving Brianna a bottle. Great moment!

Flared-nose "coo" face!

Daddy - trying to induce the "coo" face!

Dreaming of a Super Bowl win!

Go Pats!

Big blue eyes!

Getting a kick out of how we speak to her.

I know this post is a long time coming. But, what can I say? We have a whole lot happening in the Savva house. Life as a family of four has settled in and we are finally on a schedule again. Then, we found out we are headed back to Massachusetts (yay) and chaos has returned. We are so very excited to be headed home (or at least the same state as "home"). But now there is so much that needs to be done. We need to find a place to live there, find renters for our house here, and a million other details in between. But, I am getting off the subject. I am posting this to officially introduce you all to Brianna. She is now 3 months old and becoming a baby girl full of individuality and personality.

Brianna Leigh Savva. Blue eyes - light brown hair - deep dimples - MOMMAS GIRL (so far)

  • She is quick to smile and laugh.

  • She is very ticklish, already!

  • Is starting to reach, hit, and grab for her toys.

  • She is facinated by her mobile.

  • She LOVES her swing (the one Kaileigh never used!)

  • Poops ALL the time!

  • Eats ALL the time!

  • Knows her crib is for sleeping, and usually goes to sleep immediatly after being laid down.

  • At her two month appointment, she weighed 11 pounds - and measured in at 50th percentile all around.

  • She "coo's" and flares her nose when she does.

  • When she cries, she CRIES! Loud is not a good enough word to describe the decible she reaches!

  • When proped to a 45 degree angle, she will pull herself to a sitting position. But only to colapse to the side. (we have found her many times hanging over the side of the swing - thank god we buckle her!)

She is constantly watching everything we do, and is not happy when she is left alone in a room. Nik and I believe she will be an early crawler/walker. She is already frustrated that she can't keep up with Kaileigh.

Brianna is such a joy and has taught us how much we can love. Before her, I never thought I would have enough room in my heart for anyone besides Kaileigh. But now I realize, I didn't need to "make room" - My heart just expanded to love Brianna just as much. We are constantly amazed at how different and similar the two sisters are.

We are so very happy that we will be living closer to home. We can't wait to share our experiences, dreams, and growing family with all of you more often. Kaileigh is already excited to move to "massachuskdstjhjosss" lol

Saturday, November 26, 2011

happy thanksgiving!

This year we are more blessed than ever! We have two beautiful, healthy, brilliant daughters. And a family that loves and supports us with every step we take.  We hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day! Love and miss you all!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

sleepless nights...

Today, I write this in a seriously sleep deprived state. So please forgive any spelling mistakes.

We are adjusting to our new life quite well! Kaileigh has really come around in the past couple days. She understands that the baby needs us a little more and isn't having her emotional moments nearly as often.  In fact, I am pretty sure she is starting to genuinely LIKE Brianna. Baby steps! Lol

Brianna went to the doctor earlier this week for her 2-week weigh in. The goal is that she would have gained enough to be back to her birth weight by this time. She started out at 6 pounds 12 ounces, and when we left the hospital she was at 6 pounds, 5 ounces. Well, on Monday she has gained a full pound! 7pounds, 5ounces!!! Good to know all her eating is going to good use!! So proud of my growing lil girl!

Around here, we are trying to get some sort of a schedule down. However, miss Brianna does not seem to be "on board." She sleeps a whole lot during the day, and not so much at night. And she eats all the time! This little lady thinks she in charge... But she is gonna learn soon! (Or at least I hope) Haha

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner... And we are already getting so excited! Kaileigh is going to really enjoy it this year, she is at the perfect age! I can't wait to see her face Christmas morning!! We know that this year has been tough for everyone, so please do not over extend yourselves for us! On the same note, if you are wondering what to get the girls, my mom and luanne have a list. So get ahold of them. 

As usual, we wont be home for the holidays this year.  It just isn't possible for us, physically or financially.  We will miss you all just as we do every year. And hopefully some year soon, we will be close enough to celebrate the holidays together!

Well, that's it for now. Love and kisses!

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

mimi to the rescue!

As my mom's visit draws to an end, we are reminiscent of the past three weeks. She arrived a week before Brianna's birth, which gave us a good time together. We were able to go to the park, seward farms (a fall festival place), and celebrate Halloween with kaileigh all before the new baby!

She has been a blessing to have around after Brianna too! From helping out with the housework, playing with Kaileigh, and buying special gifts for kai, to decorating bri's room, making special crafts with kaileigh, and being the supportive rock we can always rely on, my mom's presence has been an priceless gift!

As she did when Kaileigh was born, mom made Brianna's letters for her room, as well as hand painted a beautiful tree for her room! A talent I only wish I had...

We are so very thankful for everything she has done for us and we will miss her terribly when she leaves. Here are only a few pictures from her visit. More will be posted when I hook up our camera to the computer.

Thanks mom! Love u!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

sister "love"

The past week has been a difficult one for Kaileigh. She is still adapting to her big sister-ness. Some moments are really great and others are really hard. Here are a few pics of the really great ones!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our beautiful family!

On Monday, October 31, 2011 we welcomed the newest addition to our family. At 2:41, Brianna Leigh Savva made her way into our world! Weighing in at 6pounds 12ounces and 20.5 inches long, she very quickly stole our hearts! She has lighter eyes than her big sister and a slightly different nose and chin, but still resembles Kaileigh in so many ways!

We are loving having Brianna in our lives! Kaileigh is still adjusting with the change but has stepped into her "big sister" roll quickly! She enjoys helping change Bri's diaper and brushing her hair.  Sharing mommy and daddy is proving to difficult, but she is still learning. We are very proud of the big girl she is being.

Brianna likes to eat, a lot, and sleep too. We are only hoping the sleep thing will stick!

Nik and I feel like the luckless two people on earth for being so  blessed to have two of the most beautiful daughters we could ever ask for. We are sleep deprived and busy as can be, but loving every minute of it!

Halloween was a very good day for the Savva family -just think of all the fun birthday parties to come!!

Here are a few pictures, stay tuned for many many more...

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Season of Special Gifts!

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been a while since the last post. As usual, we have had one crazy month. Merry Christmas to all our friends and family members! This has been a special month indeed! Nik's birthday was on the 21st - old man- and we celebrated it in the best way we could for him: POKER! He went to Biloxi for a day - and did very well in a couple of poker tournaments, then he had a poker tournament at home! He turned 28 this year, which seems young, until you remember that he and I started dating when he was 16! Time flies when you're in love! lol.
The 21st was also special for another reason, my cousin, Chera and her husband, Eric, were due to have their baby boy on that date. One day late, little Owen James Hunter was born. He was a healthy 8.5 lbs, 21" long. This beautiful little boy was welcomed into a beautiful home. He will be so loved and is so lucky to have the parents he does. I can't wait for our trip to meet the lil man! We want to give a big blogger hug to "Cheric"! Congrats guys! HE IS BEAUTIFUL!

A few days later, Kaileigh experienced her second Christmas! And boy oh boy did she love it! She had so many presents from family and Santa - by the end, she was tuckered out and Mommy and Daddy had to finish un-wrapping for her. Thank you so much everyone for the wonderful and generous gifts! We create a special relationship with our UPS man every year at this time because we have so many people who love us! I will upload christmas pictures soon!
And, just in case everyone doesn't know already, we will be coming home Jan 11-28. We will be celebrating Kaileigh's 2nd brithday at home this year!! Hopefully she will get to go sledding for the first time! We love and miss y'all and can't wait to see you soon! SMOOCHES!