Friday, February 20, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa!!

This past week, Kaileigh met her Grandma and Grandpa Savva and Auntie Becky! It has been a great week of first kisses, coos, "I love yous" and long snuggle times. We have had such a nice time visiting that the week really has flown by...

Kaileigh has celebrated her first Valentine's Day, gone on an all day long shopping trip, and had her very first bath! It was a BIG week! Also this week, Mommy and Daddy were able to catch up on some sleep and had a BIG help around the house! All in all, we would really like to thank our family for all their help and especially for their visit!! We love you!!

Since the blog only allows five pictures per post, the next three posts will be of this visit! In this post we have Grandma and Grandpa pictures:

Grandma and Kaileigh... oh so cozy!

Kaileigh looks even more tiny in Grandpa's big arms!!

Big, beautiful eyes!

Grandpa's girl!

When we are upset, it doesn't matter how she gets her binky... just as long as she gets it!!!

Auntie Becky!

Becky was able to come down with Luanne and Charlie for her Spring Break! It was really nice to see her with Kaileigh and to just hang out with her!!

Mommy, Auntie Becky, and Kaileigh

Awww... pretty girls!

The famous "kissy face!"

Kaileigh's first Valentine's Day!
(Bib from Ms. Pel!)

Kaileigh's first bath!

Kaileigh had her first bath this week! (It would have been sooner, but her umbilical cord stump proved to be particularly stubborn.) It was a really great experience, she really seemed to enjoy her first bath. For a relatively cranky lady, these days, the bath was quite soothing!

This little one loves her "naked time!"

Look at that face... nothing like a good spa to calm a girl down!

Look at that little buddah belly!

Ahh... so refreshing.

All bundled up in her towel... so warm and cozy!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kaileigh is one month old today!!

Today Kaileigh's one month old!! It is amazing to see that in only one month, she has grown so much! Kaileigh is awake and alert more and more. She seems to not only respond to us, but demand our attention these days. Even though she is cranky most days, she is also developing a quirky little personality! We can't wait to see what the following months will bring us!

Today is also very exciting because Grandma and Grampa Savva and Auntie Becky are coming to visit for a whole week! This will be the first time they meet little Kaileigh! Stay tuned for pictures of their visit!

Here are a few pictures taken in the last couple of days!

We have discovered our reflection in the mirror! She spent about 10 whole minutes looking at herself!

Sure, the bed and chair are comfy... But daddy makes the best recliner!

So peaceful... when she is sleeping!

Again, a few minutes snuggling with daddy is equivalent to tylenol pm! She is officially PASSED out!
This is Calli. She is normally a very tiny kitty. But on this day, Rufus (our neighborhood, nomad dog) was barking outside our window. Calli puffed up so much that she had a mohawk all the way down her body. And her stump of a tail puffed twice it's normal size! I really wish the picture did it justice... this was too funny!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Jamie!!

Happy Birthday to me!! I am 24 this year - and seemed to "grow up" all in one year! Last year at this time I was waitressing in New Jersey. Nik and I were married with three cats in our one bedroom appartment! In just one year, we moved far away, bought our first home, and became mommy and daddy! I couldn't be happier with where I am in life right now! I have the most loving husband who remains, to this day, my very best friend. And I have been given the most incredible gift, a beautiful, healthy daughter! I love my whole family, near and far. And, I still am so lucky to have the best group of friends in the world! I love you all and miss you all the time!

Today, for my birthday, Kaileigh and I went shopping with our friends Nicole and Madelyne. It was a great morning, and I can't wait till my little shopping buddy gets a little older and can do more than sleep through it! :) Later today, Nik and I are having some friends over for pizza and nik's homemade cheesecake! YUM!

Here is a picture of me and my #1 lady today... followed (of course) by some recent pictures of her highness!! Enjoy!

Mommy and Kaileigh after a fun day of shopping!

Aren't you jelous? I get to snuggle with this beauty!

Just chillin in her swing... another tool used towards the hope of a good night sleep!

Pretty little thing!

"I love you Daddy!"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Look who's already three weeks old!!

We have been very busy around here! Kaileigh is three weeks old today and has officially gained one whole pound since birth! At 6 lbs. 11 oz. she is finally filling out her "Newborn" diapers! Our little lady has also developed a bit of an attitude as she has entered her cranky stage. Nighttime is particularly difficult with a whole lot of screaming, pooping, and spitting up! Nik and I have not slept in quite some time... but all in all, she is so worth it! Awake time is much longer these days and Kaileigh seems to know who we are now! Although she hasn't actually developed speech, Kaileigh has developed her own language of grunts! Even in her sleep she has lots to say. Whether it she is making her "baby bird face" at feeding time or when she passes her very un-ladylike gas, she really always can put a big smile on our faces!

Here are some pictures of our past week...

Here we are at play-time! Her attention span is about 5-10 minutes long, but we like to look at the pretty colors and listen to Mozart! You can almost see her learning!!!

Please let us introduce you to our "savior." AKA the vibrating chair! At 2:30 am this chair is the ONLY thing that will calm our fussy little girl! After spending hundreds of dollars on swings and cribs, this $30 wonder is the best spent cash by far!!

Kaileigh loves going for walks! The weather around here is quite mild compared to what we are used to. Most days, we can take her out with a light jacket and hat!

Look how big our little one is getting!! Already gained a pound since birth and more alert every single day! We love watching her grow.

Daddy, Kaileigh, and Calli... this photo was taken just a couple of minutes ago... I just have the cutest little family!!