Friday, February 13, 2009

Kaileigh is one month old today!!

Today Kaileigh's one month old!! It is amazing to see that in only one month, she has grown so much! Kaileigh is awake and alert more and more. She seems to not only respond to us, but demand our attention these days. Even though she is cranky most days, she is also developing a quirky little personality! We can't wait to see what the following months will bring us!

Today is also very exciting because Grandma and Grampa Savva and Auntie Becky are coming to visit for a whole week! This will be the first time they meet little Kaileigh! Stay tuned for pictures of their visit!

Here are a few pictures taken in the last couple of days!

We have discovered our reflection in the mirror! She spent about 10 whole minutes looking at herself!

Sure, the bed and chair are comfy... But daddy makes the best recliner!

So peaceful... when she is sleeping!

Again, a few minutes snuggling with daddy is equivalent to tylenol pm! She is officially PASSED out!
This is Calli. She is normally a very tiny kitty. But on this day, Rufus (our neighborhood, nomad dog) was barking outside our window. Calli puffed up so much that she had a mohawk all the way down her body. And her stump of a tail puffed twice it's normal size! I really wish the picture did it justice... this was too funny!!


  1. I can't believe how big she is getting! My favorite picture is the one of her sleeping on Nik with her mouth wide open ... so cute! And I love that Calli made the blog ... she does NOT look very happy! Love you lots!


  2. and you didnt think Cali was going to make the blog after Kaileigh was born :) Hope they aren't puffing out like that with her :)

    xoxo see you in EIGHT WEEKS