Friday, January 27, 2012

Bianna Leigh

Brianna and her bumbo - she loves sitting up like a "big girl" - Kaileigh loves it too!

Girl's got a great smile - and she shows it often!

Just like her sister!

Kaileigh giving Brianna a bottle. Great moment!

Flared-nose "coo" face!

Daddy - trying to induce the "coo" face!

Dreaming of a Super Bowl win!

Go Pats!

Big blue eyes!

Getting a kick out of how we speak to her.

I know this post is a long time coming. But, what can I say? We have a whole lot happening in the Savva house. Life as a family of four has settled in and we are finally on a schedule again. Then, we found out we are headed back to Massachusetts (yay) and chaos has returned. We are so very excited to be headed home (or at least the same state as "home"). But now there is so much that needs to be done. We need to find a place to live there, find renters for our house here, and a million other details in between. But, I am getting off the subject. I am posting this to officially introduce you all to Brianna. She is now 3 months old and becoming a baby girl full of individuality and personality.

Brianna Leigh Savva. Blue eyes - light brown hair - deep dimples - MOMMAS GIRL (so far)

  • She is quick to smile and laugh.

  • She is very ticklish, already!

  • Is starting to reach, hit, and grab for her toys.

  • She is facinated by her mobile.

  • She LOVES her swing (the one Kaileigh never used!)

  • Poops ALL the time!

  • Eats ALL the time!

  • Knows her crib is for sleeping, and usually goes to sleep immediatly after being laid down.

  • At her two month appointment, she weighed 11 pounds - and measured in at 50th percentile all around.

  • She "coo's" and flares her nose when she does.

  • When she cries, she CRIES! Loud is not a good enough word to describe the decible she reaches!

  • When proped to a 45 degree angle, she will pull herself to a sitting position. But only to colapse to the side. (we have found her many times hanging over the side of the swing - thank god we buckle her!)

She is constantly watching everything we do, and is not happy when she is left alone in a room. Nik and I believe she will be an early crawler/walker. She is already frustrated that she can't keep up with Kaileigh.

Brianna is such a joy and has taught us how much we can love. Before her, I never thought I would have enough room in my heart for anyone besides Kaileigh. But now I realize, I didn't need to "make room" - My heart just expanded to love Brianna just as much. We are constantly amazed at how different and similar the two sisters are.

We are so very happy that we will be living closer to home. We can't wait to share our experiences, dreams, and growing family with all of you more often. Kaileigh is already excited to move to "massachuskdstjhjosss" lol