Monday, March 30, 2009

March of Dimes

Hello all! We are doing wonderfully here! Kaileigh is growing like the weeds in our garden and is just so fun to be around. She has recently discovered her hands - and likes to suck on them all day! She likes them so much that she frequently gags herself! We are so very blessed to have such a wonderfully healthy and happy baby! Which brings me to the main point of this post...
We are so very grateful that we do have a beautiful and HEALTHY baby. But some are not so lucky. Lately, we have had the strong urge to "give back." We count our blessings every day and really feel for those who are not as fortunate as us. We may not have the money to give, but we do have the will and some pretty strong legs! So, with that said, we have created a team to walk in the March of Dimes. (Almost as a "thank you" for giving us such a blessing.) The walk will take place in Pascagoula, Mississippi on October 17, 2009. I know that all of you are too far away to participate in the walk, but I do ask you for your consideration in donating. I do not want much (I know that these days EVERYONE is strapped for cash)... but even $5.00 will help! Tell your friends and co-workers too! It makes you feel good to help out even a little! Thank you!
If you would like to donate, they can be made on our team site "Savva family and friends!":

ps. If you feel like you can get a bunch of donations on your own, then you can always click on "join this team." Just because you won't be here to walk doesn't mean you can't participate in fundraising. Also, if you have been inspired to help AND want to walk, just do a search for a walk near you and build your own team!
For us, Kaileigh has obviously been our inspiration! Here are some recent pictures to show you why!!!...
These are 3 month sized clothes ... by the way!

Looks to me like it may just be an "outie" after all!

That's the grin of a trouble-maker... if you ask me!

She may have been born in the South...

but that does not mean she doesn't know who to root for!

Bath time is her favorite time... cause she gets to be NAKIE!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shot Day :(

Hey everyone! Today was not a picture-worthy day. We had Kaileigh's 2-month doctor's appointment. We are happy to report that our little girl is growing nice and healthy. She is 9 lbs 13 oz. (20th percentile) and 21 1/4" long (10th percentile)!! The doctor was very happy with our little girl's personality and development!

Then came the shots!

Poor little thing had to get a shot in each leg! Her cry could break a tough man's heart... so just imagine what it did to my Lifetime-watching, commercial-crying heart!! It was a good thing that Nik came along - I almost lost it! The rest of the day has been quite quiet, as the morning's events wore us all out! All we need now is a nice bath, Tylenol for Kaileigh, and a glass of wine for mommy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Normally, I would thoroughly celebrate this wonderful day with my healthy share of Guiness and corned beef and cabbage! However, this year we are much more subdued and will be spending the "day of green" with iced tea and meatball grinders! This weekend I will make my favorite meal but as for the Guiness... That will have to wait till next year!

Here is our little Irish girl on her very first St. Patty's Day! I think green is her color!
Here are the "Irish Savvas!" (Sounds like an oxymoron!)

We hope your St. Patrick's Day is filled with lots of happiness, love, and just a little bit of whiskey!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Kaileigh is 2 months old... ALREADY!

Today is Kaileigh's two-month "birthday"! It seems like just yesterday when we were driving to the hospital wondering how much our lives were about to change! She has grown so much in these past couple months, I really can't believe my eyes! Her personality really shines! We get smiles all the time now; everything seems to amuse her. So much so, that I find myself acting like a complete fool, in public no less, just to see her smile! But who cares?!? She is just about to out-grow her "newborn" sized outfits and move into a new 0-3month wardrobe!! There are many adorable outfits awaiting her size change - so new pictures, naturally! Kaileigh has even become a scheduled sleeper!! It is just amazing that she will sleep about 8-9 hours a night (4-5 hours the first shift, then 2-3 for the remainder!) I have to tell you, after 4-5 hours of sleep - Mommy feels GREAT! Her stuffy nose seemed to clear up, but we are still working on the excema.
The other night, Kaileigh decided to make a BIG poopy that crawled all the way up her back! Nik and I didn't really know the propper way to clean it up - so we went to the sink and sprayed her off! It was quite funny and she was very amused with herself! She even liked the hosing! As Aimee said, that is a moment that we need another set of hands here to videotape. Nevertheless, without footage, you will have to take our word for it; it was really funny!
We are thoroughly looking forward to our upcomming visit from Aimee and Brenna - April 17-20. In fact, we are all on the countdown! I am definitley in need of some girlfriend time! Although, I have a feeling that I will come in second place to their new "niece."
Chera's wedding is coming up soon, August 8th, and all of her details are really coming together. As Auntie Debbie put it, Chera is the "ultimate party planner," and her wedding is going to be beautiful! I CAN'T WAIT! Once we have a date set for the Bridal Shower, I will have our dates set for June visit. A plane ticket home is the PERFECT maid-of-honor gift and I am so happy to be home for the shower as well as to see the family! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Chera and Eric!

Here are some pictures of Kaileigh this past week! Such a big girl!

Here she is in her nice Irish dress! I love this one so much that I have decided she will wear it for the whole month of March! It is so sweet with the green and white polka-dotted panties! There's my little Irish lass!

No, I didn't dress her like this... we were playing dress up! I was trying to decided whether or not to return this outfit. Such a beauty-queen!

Someone is extremely cozy!

The tail-end of a really big smile!

Tummy-time! We still can't decide whether we love it or hate it!

Last weekend, Kaileigh had her first professional pictures taken. We will post them once all of the family members have recieved thier prints. They came out BEAUTIFUL! Stay tuned...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Growing Girl!

Kaileigh is already seven weeks old! She is sleeping a little bit more during the night and awake so much more during the day. This week, Kaileigh came down with a runny nose and developed excema. The doctor said there is nothing to worry about and it should all run its course. In the meantime, we have a gel for her dry skin and a bunch of boogies :) . Kaileigh did get weighed while we were at the doctors and we are proud to report that she is tipping the scales at 8 lbs. 14.5 oz! Looks like our little girl is growing big and healthy. Nik and I have also figured out how to make her smile! It is a beautiful thing; however, we are unsuccessful at catching one on camera... stay tuned for that one!!

The following pictures are from the past week...

Such an angel!
Gotta love that face!

Taking a little nap with my baby!
I love these precious moments!

Daddy and Kaileigh - so much fun together!

She is getting bigger and more beautiful every day!

This is Kaileigh's new toy!

It is her bedtime seahorse and so facinating to look at!