Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Normally, I would thoroughly celebrate this wonderful day with my healthy share of Guiness and corned beef and cabbage! However, this year we are much more subdued and will be spending the "day of green" with iced tea and meatball grinders! This weekend I will make my favorite meal but as for the Guiness... That will have to wait till next year!

Here is our little Irish girl on her very first St. Patty's Day! I think green is her color!
Here are the "Irish Savvas!" (Sounds like an oxymoron!)

We hope your St. Patrick's Day is filled with lots of happiness, love, and just a little bit of whiskey!


  1. Happy St. Pattys day!
    I love you all & miss you so much!!

    oh and btw u and kaileigh look amazing!
    she is getting big so fast. give her a kiss from her favorite auntie on planet earth!

    Love you lots. oh and thanks for the histerical text today about bella going on a walk with you. that makde me laugh so hard in algebra.
    ♥ you! ♥

  2. hahhahaa i love it jamie! I am not surprised one bit to see a special irish shot out on here :)

    31 days!

  3. Top o the mornin Lassies!

    (Although little Miss Savva would probably be more comfortable with an "olive" green color :)