Monday, March 30, 2009

March of Dimes

Hello all! We are doing wonderfully here! Kaileigh is growing like the weeds in our garden and is just so fun to be around. She has recently discovered her hands - and likes to suck on them all day! She likes them so much that she frequently gags herself! We are so very blessed to have such a wonderfully healthy and happy baby! Which brings me to the main point of this post...
We are so very grateful that we do have a beautiful and HEALTHY baby. But some are not so lucky. Lately, we have had the strong urge to "give back." We count our blessings every day and really feel for those who are not as fortunate as us. We may not have the money to give, but we do have the will and some pretty strong legs! So, with that said, we have created a team to walk in the March of Dimes. (Almost as a "thank you" for giving us such a blessing.) The walk will take place in Pascagoula, Mississippi on October 17, 2009. I know that all of you are too far away to participate in the walk, but I do ask you for your consideration in donating. I do not want much (I know that these days EVERYONE is strapped for cash)... but even $5.00 will help! Tell your friends and co-workers too! It makes you feel good to help out even a little! Thank you!
If you would like to donate, they can be made on our team site "Savva family and friends!":

ps. If you feel like you can get a bunch of donations on your own, then you can always click on "join this team." Just because you won't be here to walk doesn't mean you can't participate in fundraising. Also, if you have been inspired to help AND want to walk, just do a search for a walk near you and build your own team!
For us, Kaileigh has obviously been our inspiration! Here are some recent pictures to show you why!!!...
These are 3 month sized clothes ... by the way!

Looks to me like it may just be an "outie" after all!

That's the grin of a trouble-maker... if you ask me!

She may have been born in the South...

but that does not mean she doesn't know who to root for!

Bath time is her favorite time... cause she gets to be NAKIE!

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  1. Today she looks just like Nik...but you never know what tomorrow will bring.
    Great job in growing her bigger! I'll send you my donation for your walk - Have fun and try to stay cool XOXO Auntie Debbie