Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kaileigh's first Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful day. We went out to lunch with our friends, Nicole, Eric, Gabe, and Madelyn! It was a great day - the best part was dressing little Kaileigh! She looked so cute in her Osh-Kosh-BGosh jean overall dress and her little shoes (worn for the first time today!) This big Easter bunny was a gift from Great-Grandma-Gabby! It is just as big as her!! Kaileigh used it as a leaning tool, as she is still working on sitting up straight!

Nik and his little lady... all dressed in their Easter best!

Kaileigh and Mommy.... no wonder my back hurts!... look how I stand!

If there was ever a question of who she looked like... I think here is your answer! Twins!

And here is a great big smile to send you off! Thanks for blogging with us!! Muah!


  1. i love it jamie! can't wait to see you, nik and kaileigh on FRIDAY!!!

  2. Happy Easter! You all look fantastic all dressed up! We love and miss all three of you and can't wait to see you next month :)

    Cher, Eric and Lexi

  3. look at my little girl!!! shes growing so fast! i cant wait for her to see her favorite auntie in the whole world again! (:

    i love you all so much. hope you had a great easter.

    Lots of Love,
    Gramma and Auntie

  4. So adorable! She has so much hair compared to my baldy! Glad you all enjoyed Easter!

  5. K is cuter than the Easter Bunny!!!
    (Of course, every day is dress up day)

    Hope you had a fun day. See you soon XOXO
    Auntie Debbie