Monday, April 20, 2009

Aunties Aimee and Brenna Visit!!!

This weekend, Aimee and Brenna headed down from Southwick/Boston for a quick visit! It was their first time meeting Kaileigh - and I think they are a bit attached! It was a very mellow weekend, basically filled with playing with Kaileigh, eating, watching princess movies, and more eating! It was SO nice to see two of my bestest friends - made me realize how much I really do miss them. :( It won't be too long till we see them again, we will be home May 16-24!! (Thank you Chera and Eric!) The trip was wonderful and, as always, too short! Love and miss you ladies... ALWAYS! Thanks for EVERYTHING!

Aimee, Brenna, and Kaileigh - BFFs

Brenna and her lil' peanut!
("Don't poop on me!")

Finally, Aimee found someone smaller than her!
(And, Kaileigh DID poop on her!)

Girls reunited!


  1. Awww it looks like you all had such a great time! Can't wait to see you in May :)

  2. pooped on me is an understatement.. she had a diaper EXPLOSION!!!

    i love you guys and miss you terribly!

  3. Looks like you girls had a GREAT time! I am super jealous. Can't Wait to see you in May. Love youuuu!!!