Saturday, April 25, 2009

We love Grandma!

Grandma visited us this past week! It was so nice to see her and just spend some great quality time with her! Our visit was wonderful - but too short! Thankfully the weather was BEAUTIFUL and we were able to be outside and work on our garden! It was so nice, that even I planted some flowers and herbs! Kaileigh lounged outside with her sunhat and toys while all of us worked around her. Our little lady really loves it outside! We were also, finally, able to find some teeny-tiny bathing suits for Kaileigh! They are so SUPER cute and will be used a lot since summer down here is excruciatingly hot and lasts forever! Kaileigh loved spending time with her Grandma and is gearing up for our big visit home in 3 weeks!! It is going to be wonderful for her to meet her big family up in Massachusetts - so many people that love her! We are all very very very excited! Thank you Grandma, for a wonderful visit! We love and miss you already!

Kaileigh's new strawberry outfit and sunhat!

Grandma and Kaileigh after a long, hot day of gardening!

Kaileigh's cabana set up in the front yard! She loved it!


We like to play the "Squishy-face game!!"


  1. I love the set-up you made outside, it looks like somewhere I would like to hang out and I can see why Kaileigh loves it! Can't wait to see you in 3 weeks! YAY

  2. changing it up on the blog.. i love it!

    miss you terribly

  3. Love the new look of the blog. And thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Counting the days until we see you guys. Boy you can tell my hair and Alabama do NOT get along.:)

  4. Looks like Gramma got lots of loving :)

    I am so proud of you for planting the flowers. Now, just remember to water them (That's where I always have the problem)

    It's 93 here today, we'll try to get Spring back before y'all come to visit XOXO Auntie Debbie