Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Growing Girl!

Kaileigh is already seven weeks old! She is sleeping a little bit more during the night and awake so much more during the day. This week, Kaileigh came down with a runny nose and developed excema. The doctor said there is nothing to worry about and it should all run its course. In the meantime, we have a gel for her dry skin and a bunch of boogies :) . Kaileigh did get weighed while we were at the doctors and we are proud to report that she is tipping the scales at 8 lbs. 14.5 oz! Looks like our little girl is growing big and healthy. Nik and I have also figured out how to make her smile! It is a beautiful thing; however, we are unsuccessful at catching one on camera... stay tuned for that one!!

The following pictures are from the past week...

Such an angel!
Gotta love that face!

Taking a little nap with my baby!
I love these precious moments!

Daddy and Kaileigh - so much fun together!

She is getting bigger and more beautiful every day!

This is Kaileigh's new toy!

It is her bedtime seahorse and so facinating to look at!


  1. Jamie- She is absolutely gorgeous! Just like her mama. I miss you a lot and it seems all is going fantastic with you! I am so glad. Can't wait to meet the precious Kaileigh!

    love you xo- donna

  2. YAY for new pictures! I hope the little one is feeling better!

    Love You!

  3. Yea! Glad she is putting on weight! We caught Tyler's smile on camera for the first time about 2 weeks ago, keep at it. I had to take like 15 pics in a row, but I finally got it! haha. Good Luck! She is beautiful!

  4. Love that FACE!

    Sorry the Princess Kaileigh has the sniffles, tell her to stop kissing those old toads :)

    Irish Day is coming! xoxo Auntie Debbie