Friday, February 20, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa!!

This past week, Kaileigh met her Grandma and Grandpa Savva and Auntie Becky! It has been a great week of first kisses, coos, "I love yous" and long snuggle times. We have had such a nice time visiting that the week really has flown by...

Kaileigh has celebrated her first Valentine's Day, gone on an all day long shopping trip, and had her very first bath! It was a BIG week! Also this week, Mommy and Daddy were able to catch up on some sleep and had a BIG help around the house! All in all, we would really like to thank our family for all their help and especially for their visit!! We love you!!

Since the blog only allows five pictures per post, the next three posts will be of this visit! In this post we have Grandma and Grandpa pictures:

Grandma and Kaileigh... oh so cozy!

Kaileigh looks even more tiny in Grandpa's big arms!!

Big, beautiful eyes!

Grandpa's girl!

When we are upset, it doesn't matter how she gets her binky... just as long as she gets it!!!


  1. Binky's are a girl's best friend :)

  2. Everyone looks so happy and I love Kaileigh's dark brown hair! It looks like you all had such a great week!