Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Look who's already three weeks old!!

We have been very busy around here! Kaileigh is three weeks old today and has officially gained one whole pound since birth! At 6 lbs. 11 oz. she is finally filling out her "Newborn" diapers! Our little lady has also developed a bit of an attitude as she has entered her cranky stage. Nighttime is particularly difficult with a whole lot of screaming, pooping, and spitting up! Nik and I have not slept in quite some time... but all in all, she is so worth it! Awake time is much longer these days and Kaileigh seems to know who we are now! Although she hasn't actually developed speech, Kaileigh has developed her own language of grunts! Even in her sleep she has lots to say. Whether it she is making her "baby bird face" at feeding time or when she passes her very un-ladylike gas, she really always can put a big smile on our faces!

Here are some pictures of our past week...

Here we are at play-time! Her attention span is about 5-10 minutes long, but we like to look at the pretty colors and listen to Mozart! You can almost see her learning!!!

Please let us introduce you to our "savior." AKA the vibrating chair! At 2:30 am this chair is the ONLY thing that will calm our fussy little girl! After spending hundreds of dollars on swings and cribs, this $30 wonder is the best spent cash by far!!

Kaileigh loves going for walks! The weather around here is quite mild compared to what we are used to. Most days, we can take her out with a light jacket and hat!

Look how big our little one is getting!! Already gained a pound since birth and more alert every single day! We love watching her grow.

Daddy, Kaileigh, and Calli... this photo was taken just a couple of minutes ago... I just have the cutest little family!!


  1. Omg jamie! she is sooooooooooooo cuteeee. i cant wait to see her. :] mommy is supprised on how much she has changed. and im sure that youd like that little vibrating chair too at 2 in the morning. hahahah i love you so much! MUAHHH!!! mom is about to call you in a matter of seconds (F.Y.I)
    <3 love you
    Auntie Becky

  2. Thanks for the pictures and the update Jamie! You just made my day. You are such a cute little family and I love that we can peek inside your lives as you take on this new adventure! I can't wait to hear how everything is going.

    Love you lots!

  3. Yippee Skippee! Love the pictures. Keep up the good work and take lots of naps :)

    XOXO Auntie Debbie

    XOXO Auntie Debbie