Friday, February 20, 2009

Kaileigh's first bath!

Kaileigh had her first bath this week! (It would have been sooner, but her umbilical cord stump proved to be particularly stubborn.) It was a really great experience, she really seemed to enjoy her first bath. For a relatively cranky lady, these days, the bath was quite soothing!

This little one loves her "naked time!"

Look at that face... nothing like a good spa to calm a girl down!

Look at that little buddah belly!

Ahh... so refreshing.

All bundled up in her towel... so warm and cozy!


  1. Ricky was a real cranky baby...but the water was a miracle. I gave that little boy a bathe 3 times a day just to get some piece and quiet!

    Perhaps, Ms Kaileigh will follow in his footsteps?

  2. She is the cutest little fishy!! I am glad she liked her first bath ... maybe she will be a little swimmer :)