Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Little Girl is Six Months Old!!!

Today our little lady is 6 months old! She is the most beautiful little girl we have ever seen! We take so much joy in just making her laugh and smile. Her personality is bubbling over these days. Mostly a very happy girl, we have also discovered, however, a very stubborn side to little Miss Kaileigh. If she is done with something, SHE IS DONE. It is hard to describe, but you will just have to trust us - she may look and act like and angel 99% of the time, but that other 1% is nothing less than entertaining. She also now has two teeth! And they are the CUTEST two teeth ever!! We aren't sure how much she is weighing in at yet - her doctors appointment is Wednesday - however we can tell she has really grown! Our little 5 lbs. 11 oz. angel is not so tiny anymore! It is a double-edged sword... on one side we want her to grow big, strong and healthy, and on the other side, we want her to stay our little baby girl! Can't believe she is already a half-year old!

We are so excited for our upcoming trip home! However, there is a special event coming up even before that... Chera is coming to visit! It is less than a month now until her wedding, and she is coming to spend one of her last weekends as a Hartman with us!! She flys in on the 18th and we will get to have her all to ourselves until the 21st. What will we do? you may ask... #1 on the list: HARRY POTTER!!! Chera is just as much of a Harry Potter freak as me and Nik. We are all so excited about it!! Kaileigh can't stop talking about her Auntie Chera's visit!! HAHA.

Here are some photos from the past week!
Kaileigh's coastie-daddy tee!

Mommy and Kaileigh in our pjs.

(4th of July)

Totally ready for the camera!


  1. Look at that cutie! I can't believe she already has two teeth, now lets hope that she gets to keep them longer then her mommy did when she was little :) I CANNOT WAIT to come to Alabama and see you three ... 4 more days, yay!!!! I also can't wait for Harry Potter and I am so glad I have someone to go watch it with! Love you all and see you really soon ;)! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYY

  2. Jamie she is absolutly ADORABLE! she has grown soooooooo much!!!!
    I cant wait to see you all! only 2 weeks!! WOOHOO.

    You forgot to mention in your blog that kai has found her vocal cords. ahah

    I love you all so much!! kiss my little princess for me.
    <3 Auntie Becky and Grammie