Monday, October 12, 2009

March of Dimes

Hey there family and friends! I am running late for work, so this is going to be a short post - and for that, I appologize. This Saturday, October 17th is the March of Dimes. Nik, Kaileigh and I will be walking in Pascagoula, MS at 8:30 in the morning. We are very excited to be a part of such an amazing organization!! I am writing to ask if anyone would like to donate?? We are not asking for much, $5.00 is plenty!! Please do not feel pressured to sponsor us, if you can't do it, we completely understand! However, if you do want to contribute, click on the March of Dimes link below and follow the prompts to "Donate to this team" for the Savva family. Thank you, we truly do appreciate it!

And in good form, here are some pictures of the REASON we want to walk: our miracle!!

Haha... i probably shouldn't post this... she is going to hate me some day...
But how could you not LOVE that tush?!?!
Up high!

We drive around the house in this racecar!


  1. I LOVE the tush picture :)!! Thanks for the reminder, we made our donation. Have a great time at the walk this weekend, I will cross my fingers for good weather.

    Love you all!!!

    Chera, Eric & Lexi :)

  2. Very similar to the Hartman laundry basket drag car! xoxo