Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life with a one year old!

It is surprising how fast moments, hours, days, and weeks go by. We are thoroughly enjoying all of our little moments with each other! Recently, we experienced snow in Alabama, Kaileigh's 2nd Valentines Day, rollerblading for the first time, and my 25th birthday! However, perhaps the most exciting news is that our work schedules have FINALLY changed! I am now working again at home so I can be with Kaileigh more, and Nik is working a better shift as well. His sleep schedule will finally return to normal! It may not seem to be that big of a deal, but for us... well all we can say is, "AHHHH!"

A couple of weeks ago, we got snow! Thats right! In Mobile, AL, it SNOWED!! YAY!!! Okay, so it only snowed less than a 1/4 inch... but it was still awesome! As you all know, I love my snow. Mobile county completely shut down that day. My work and all of the schools closed.... the day before! Haha... oh my, it was quite entertaining listening to all the people I work with freaking out about the prospect of driving in 1/4 inch of snow!! HAHA We spent my day off playing in the snow. Kaileigh was quite entertained while trying to catch the snowflakes. As soon as the snow started, we headed outside; along with everyone else in our ENTIRE neighborhood. This was the first snow in over 8 years - so it was a big deal! I guess God heard my prayers and gave me snow even though I am well south of the Mason Dixon Line!! Thanks!!

We enjoyed a wonderful Valentines Day! Not that we did much, but we spent it together and thats what is important. Kaileigh wore her "My <3>

I had a very nice birthday! Thank you everyone for the wonderful cards and gifts you sent me! It was, yet again, a very quiet day; but just the kind of day I LOVE after a long week! What leaves me just a bit AMAZED is, where did this past year go?? Last year at this time, I was learning how to be a mom - well okay, I am definitely still learning... but it all went by so fast. It was a great year, thank you to all that made it special for me; especially Nik, my best friend & husband and Kaileigh, my miracle!

Nik and I have recently taken up a hobby: rollerblading! I am still learning, but haven't fallen yet! Kaileigh enjoys sitting in the jogging stroller and going really fast! Nik is just as good on blades as he is on feet - so he is proving to be a great teacher for me! We are having a lot of fun excercizing as a family.

And so we finally get to Kaileigh; the really reason why y'all are checking in! lol Our little lady is as spunky as ever! She is running around the house, yard, store, and anywhere else we put her down. I now realize the reality of the possibility of loosing a child in a store! She is a very strong willed little girl. If she wants to be carried, you MUST carry her. But more commonly, it is the screaming to be put down. Within the past two weeks, Kaileigh has learned to voice her disapproval with our actions! She has truly developed her own little sense of humor. She thinks bellys, more specifically, bellybuttons are HILARIOUS! She will look for yours (future warning) as well as show you hers! She knows where her nose, eyes, ears, and mouth are as well. She even says "eyes" and rarely "nose". Kaileigh now has 13 teeth, with more on their way. She is an AMAZING sleeper; sleeping 12-13 hours a night with a great nap during the day. We are making plans to enroll her in swimming classes as well as music classes for this summer. We aren't quite sure when those will be. Kaileigh loves spending time with her friends and we are sure to have a very fun summer this year!

Here are some photos from the last few weeks! Enjoy! We all love and miss you dearly!!

She may not look like me, but girlfriend likes her books just like Mama!

Running to catch the rare Alabama snowflakes!

Probably a little confused...

I love this picture!

She looks so big!

Daddy and Kaileigh - having fun right on the kitchen floor!


  1. OMG KAILEIGH IS SO BIG! She looks like she has so much personality! We cant wait to see you all again. Auntie is really looking forward to seeing her little play buddy again. Although I might be scared if shes around me with a rolled up news paper like last time. haha. We love you all so much and we hope that you are enjoying parenthood!
    ♥ Auntie Becky, Grammie, and Papa

  2. this was such a great post! I can't believe how big Kai has gotten! She looks like she is keeping you very busy :) Can't wait to see her this summer! Have fun with your mom!

    Love ya,