Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer in the South

Hey y'all! :)

We wanted to give everyone a great big "Thank You." for our amazing vacation. We had such a wonderful time visiting with everyone that we love so much. Perhaps the very best part of our trip was getting to meet our new family member, Dani. We are so happy for the two of you - soon to be three!! Speaking of babies, we also were so excited to see our best friends, Chera and Eric with their lil' bun! Though it was secret at the time, news has now come out that they are going to be expecting a BOY in December! We couldn't be more excited for all of our expecting friends.

Since coming back home, we have settled back into our natural routine. It's nice to vacation, but it is also nice to come back home. Besides being excruciatingly hot, there is not much new happening with me and Nik. Kaileigh, on the other hand, is becoming more and more adventurous every day. She can now climb up the entire ladder of the BIG slide and slide down by herself at the park. - Scares the ba-jesus out of me... but I encourage her nonetheless! Her relationship with Elmo has become quite committed and she demands his youtube videos hourly. She will sit at the computer screen and scream "Eeemmmmmoooooo!" until we turn it on! She enjoys going to the gym daycare every day for an hour or so - she has made many friends. They are mostly older boys who get her anything she wants. When we leave, she has an entourage of adoring boys waiting for her to blow kisses! (I have already told Nik, he's going to have his work cut out for him!) Her vocabulary is really developing. We have to really really listen sometimes, but she is starting to create 2 or 3 word sentances! She can count up to three or four, but only once in a blue moon. Usually her counting goes something like this: "Du - Won - Du - Ree" ;) Gosh she makes us smile! Her animal sounds are becoming more and more animated and her favorite this week is a monkey!

We are all looking forward to our next trip home in October! Until then however, we have a very exciting visitor coming! Luanne (Grandma) is coming down on August 5th! We can't wait to see her again~
Hope these pictures make you smile! Love and miss you more than words can say

Kaileigh and Auntie Becky at the Pool!
Auntie Dani & Uncle Chris
(Mommy, why does Uncle Chris look like Daddy?)
Drew Brees
(QB Saints)
Nik met him at a book signing - not too shabby!

First ever rapper-ballerina!

(Yo yo - check my pirouette!)

Cinderella? lol - I promise, she wanted to help!

(Chera - check out the pj's!)


  1. Omg Jamie, these pictures are adorable!!! (Oh BTW you spelt sentences wrong.... u said sentances. HA! FOR ONCE IVE CAUGHT YOU!!!) Miss you so much and im thinking about you every day. October is going to come so quickly and by then Kai will be alot more productive than she is now :) We cant wait!

    Love, Auntie Becky

  2. OMG I am in love with the pj's!! She is a girl after my own heart!! Have you shown her the movie yet? If not, let me know and I will mail it tomorrow -- my little princess will just love Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian :) She sure does have a great little personality! When you come up in October we must hang out again -- maybe Boston this time :) Love Love Love you!!!!

  3. I remember when you and Cher wanted to "help me"... what an adventure that always was :) LOVE that baby doll <3