Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kaileigh Marie Savva!!!

At 5:30am on Monday the 12th, Jamie began 23 hours of laboring at home before we went to the hospital at about 4:30am Tuesday the 13th. After a total of 28.5 hours of laboring it only took about 30 minutes of pushing (thanks to Jamie's previous dance experience). Finally at 10:43am, our beautiful daughter was born! At a whopping 5 lbs 11 oz. and a lengthy 18.75 inches she is our little "peanut". Kaileigh has a lot of dark brown hair upon her head and dark eyes that will most likely turn brown (like her daddy's). She has very long skinny legs and a cute little tush. The only time she really cried was as soon as she came out, other then that all she has done are little whimpers here and there. Luckily, no real crying (yet). Nik was very brave in not only watching the birth but cutting the umbilical cord as well! Jamie, thankfully, didn't feel ANYTHING after she received her very welcomed epidural! Denise flew out Tuesday morning at 7am expecting to arrive at 10:30am. However, due to delays on the way down, she didn't arrive until just after the baby was born. She had to almost fight off a Nazi nurse to gain access to our labor room! All in all, the pain and suffering was worth the beautiful miracle we received: Kaileigh Marie Savva!

This is our little girl right after birth getting cleaned up by the nurses.
Another pic of our beautiful baby getting cleaned up.

"Our Family!"
Right after getting cleaned up and handed to the new mother how beautiful she looks.
New mommy holding her daughter, Kaileigh Marie Savva.

And finally, the new daddy holding Kaileigh after a rough morning!

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures as we introduce Kaileigh to the world! ...


  1. I LOVE the pictures and the story of the birth. Thank you both for sharing this very special moment with all of your friends and family. You have such a little heart stopper there, she is just beautiful! I can't wait to spoil her and steal her away from her mommy and daddy for some girl days with her auntie chera :)

    I love all three of you!

    P.S yes I have been stocking your blog for pictures since I last talked to you yesterday -- I am so excited for all of you YAY!

  2. hahahaha you and me both Chera! I was just telling Nik - the link is accessible on all my computers :).

    She's absolutely beautiful!

    love you three - see you in THREE months :)

  3. Kaileigh i cant wait till i see you. you are the most beautiful baby in the whole world!!!

    Jamie and nik i love you so much. and miss you terrible. im kinda sneeking out of algebra class to go on here and check. and im happy that i did. :]

    I love you all!!!

  4. Well Jamie and Nik, I don't know what to say! She takes my breath away. Can't wait to see all of you and to hold my granddaughter. Love you all. Talk to you soon. Love Mom S

  5. O Jamie and Nik- she is so precious!!!! Congratulations! She sure is a peanut! I can't wait to meet her in person.

    I hope you are both doing well and Jamie I cant wait to talk to you.. I love you guys! Enjoy the beautiful addition to your family!

    xoxoxo love you

  6. Congrats!!! I am so happy for you!! The pics are beautiful. I hope you are doing well, and that you made it through everything fairly easily!!

  7. She reminds me of another special little girl I met almost exactly 24 years ago!
    XOXO Auntie Debbie