Friday, January 16, 2009

"A Whole New World..."

Nik and I have, very quickly, turned into "Daddy" and "Mommy!" And we love it! Our universe has flipped upside down - and we wouldn't change it for the world! Here are our most recent photos of our whole new world:

Nik and Kaileigh on our trip home from the hospital.
She really is already "Daddy's little girl!"
A very tired mommy...

Kaileigh loves her first sponge bath SO much! Too bad we can't include a sound byte...
this little one has a set of pipes on her!

Beautiful, big eyes....


  1. omg jamie these picutres are precious. you and nik look like a very happy mommy and daddy. :] im so happy for you and i miss you so much. haha it looks like the sponge bath was a very intersting adventrure. :]

    Love you and miss you lots
    ~Auntie Becky~

  2. Aww!! I am still so excited for you (even though you beat me!!). I wish you both the best, and hope you get some sleep. She is beautiful!

  3. The first week is the hardest cause you're trying to do everything perfect...after that, you're so exhausted you just wing it and guess what! Everything turns out just fine :)

    Auntie Debbie

  4. This is such a special post I loved reading it! I hope Kaileigh is letting you get a little more sleep these days .. she is already a week old -- WOW!