Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today is December 18th... Seven days until Christmas. I spent the entire day in my kitchen today making cookies for the family. Sounds like everyone, everywhere else right? WRONG! For the past three days it has been 80 degrees outside. We have our air conditioner running! There is definitely something wrong with this picture! Now I like warm weather just like the next guy... but c'mon! We are supposed to be snuggled by our fire, wearing hats and mittens, and anxiously awaiting Santa's visit. Instead we are sprawled under our fans, wearing shorts and tee shirts, and wondering if Santa has a different outfit to wear down here!! I know all of you are experiencing a Nor-Easter and expecting a very white Christmas... so I ask of you just one thing... think of me!! I am not complaining; I love our house very much, but perhaps if all of you wish it... we can enjoy at least a "cool" Christmas in Mobile, Alabama!


  1. I will wish for some white stuff for you ... or at least some cooler air! I am sure we are going to have plenty to share after today :) It is so weird to think that it is actually warm down in Alabama but if you happen to sneak a peak at what type of outfit santa wears down there ... I would be very interested in seeing a picture.

    Love you lots! And I hope your cookies come out yummy :)


  2. Hey jamieee!!! its your bestest sister in the whole worldd!! :) 80 degrees??? thats a lil outta control. someone needs to turn down the heater in that state! jesus!!!! well right now i am looking outside at about a half a foot of snow. wish you were here to see it. its beautiful. miss you lots. Call the house if you wanna contact me.... cuz ummm yeah well you know why. (giggles) haha well i love you both lots. <3

  3. Christmas with Jamie is always "Cool"
    XOXO Auntie Debbie

  4. it was 65 degrees here on sunday.. so looks like you wished your warm front on us! haha.. i was snowed in for THREE days.. and now there isnt any snow left on the grounds - it's pretty crazy. good 'ol new england