Saturday, December 20, 2008

Decorating the nursery!

We had our doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything is looking great! The baby has "flipped" - first sign that it is almost time!!! Even though we have a little over a month until our due date... that got me a little anxious to finish her room! Here are some pictures of our very productive day today:

Here's Daddy hanging shelves...
So far, he hasn't minded Mommy's nesting phase!

Our beautiful little crib... we just can't imagine how complete it will look with our daughter napping (or crying) in it!!

And the changing table corner... just think what interesting adventures we will have here!

And of course, our dresser. It is filled with a million "onesies" that look too small to possibly fit a human being!!!

Here's Daddy... ready and waiting for diaper duty!! "Bring it on..."

Mommy, looking bigger than ever! Oye!

He he he... So tiny!

Mommy and Daddy. The room looks so beautiful and peaceful! We hope she finds it just as lovely. So even though we do have a month more of waiting... at least the baby's room is ready to welcome her home!


  1. Awhhh jamie. YOUR HUGEE!!!!! and so adorable at the same time. nik and you look so sweet. me and mom just looked at everything and your room looks amazing. the baby is going to love it :) i hope that your feeling great and everything is going well. miss you lots. Cant wait to see you, the room, and my niece :) <3

    Love always,
    Mom & Becky

  2. Congratulations! I love the room. Is the border part of the Plumeria Baby Crib Bedding Collection?

    I've been looking for a border to blend with the decorative wall accessories for that set. If it's not Plumeria, could you post the name? Thanks!

  3. The nursery is so adorable my niece is going to love it! Nik is doing such a great job taking care of his girls --- so cute! I can't believe the baby is almost here, I really can't wait to meet her :)

  4. Hi guys, the room looks awesome. So do you both. Can't wait to see the three of you!! Love, Mom and Dad S

  5. What a beautiful room!

    Just needs a slow globe for a little touch of New England!

    It's snowing (again) and whenever it does, I think of you. XOXO Auntie Debbie

  6. Yippie!! The nursery is done, I felt so much better once I finished mine, of course I still keep fiddling with things in there, but it looks beautiful. And I hope it brings you some peace now that it is complete! You are looking great!!

  7. Jamie and Nik, I love your house and the baby's room is beautiful!! What a lucky little girl to have you both for parents, and how lucky you will be to have her. This is wonderful to be able to all of this. Love you and am thinking of you- Auntie

  8. Hi Jamie and Nik. We miss you and love you lots. Were always thinking of you.
    Grammie, and Papa

  9. AH - i love that you're blogging.. so great to be caught up with these visuals!!

    Now pop her out already :) Can NOT wait for April.

    xoxo love you both!