Monday, December 15, 2008

Kitty Time

So we figured we would dedicate one whole post to our kitties! We have a feeling that thier camera time is slowly dwindling... with the baby coming! So here they are:

Calli has an addiction to my heating pad... she spends ALL DAY on it! Life is tough and she needs to rest her aching parts!

Even though she is a fatso... Bella believes all boxes belong to her (whether she can fit or not.) Here she is enjoying an early Christmas present box sent by Grammy!

Olivia spends her time in one of two places... in the bathroom and under the tree. I think she believes we bought that just for her!
Calli made the mistake of telling the fattest cat (Bella) about her new discovery... the heating pad.


  1. OK, so what's wrong with being addicted to your heating pad? Calli, grandma knows just how you feel!!

  2. And Bella, Grandma knows just how you feel!! Who' fat??

  3. And as for Olivia, she found the perfect spot and is still looking like her royal self! She makes that tree look gooooood!

  4. By the way, the time is NOT correct on my postings. I am not awake at 3:30 AM looking at pictures of my grand kitties!

  5. You are a blogging expert! I just love all of your posts and I really liked this one about the kitties... they are very cute and it looks like they keep you busy! Love ya


  6. The three little kittens lost their mittens And didn't like the snow....

    So Jamie and Nik moved to the south,
    And it's such a LONG way to go,

    Won't they be surprised when the baby arrives ,
    And they always hear the word NO!!!
    XOXO Auntie Debbie

  7. Cali, Bella, Olivia enjoy the attention while its still easy to get. haha hey jamie, i wonder how they will react once that baby starts trying to pull their tails! LMAO HAHA I CAN SEE IT NOW. The baby will probably like holding onto calis the most because its kinda like a handle... easier to hold on to. lol just kidding. although that will be funny. :)

    oh yeah... are you expecting any snow??? at all? this winter

    xoxox BECKY xoxox.
    P.S. im going to change my blog so it says becky and not frozed pretzel. ahah